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Tips To Start Your Home Search
  1. BEFORE you start visiting homes for sale visit your banker/mortgage lender and ask for a Financial Loan PRE-APPROVAL LETTER.

    You and your banker will determine the amount of loan your bank is willing to approve and the price range of homes you qualify for. It is a waste of time for you (and the Prospective Seller) to tour a home when the prospective Buyer is not Pre-Approved for a loan.

    We have known of cases when a Seller signed a contract with a Buyer who had not been pre-approved. The home was effectively "off the market" while waiting for the Buyer to search for financing only to discover weeks later the Buyer was unable to qualify for a loan.

  2. With Pre-Approval letter in hand ALWAYS call for an Appointment to tour a home for sale. Sellers will ask to see your Pre-Approval letter.

    Never just show up at the door unannounced. Most homeowners need time to "straighten up" and "clean up" before allowing visitors in. It's common courtesy.

  3. Good luck on your "For Sale By Owner" home buying ... It is easy to do and financially well worthwhile.



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