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Is LakeLandsByOwner a Real Estate company?
(No, we are not a Real Estate company. Our purpose is to help you advertise your home "For Sale By Owner" at a reasonable cost. Potential buyers work directly with the home owner. We are not involved with the selling of your home in any way other than advertising your home on our website.)


What is the cost,  what's included, and how do I get started?
(Please see Sell Your Property )

How long before photos of my home appear on the website?
(Usually the same day we take photos or by noon the following day.)

Are there monthly fees?
(There are NO fees other than the initial up-front fee. See Sell Your Property )

Do I have to pay an extra fee for the yard sign?
(No, the yard sign is on LOAN to you and we will pick it up when your home is sold or when your ad is cancelled. You should maintain reasonable care of the sign to prevent damage.
See Yard Sign )

If I advertise on your website am I restricted from advertising elsewhere?
(As a homeowner you may advertise thru any other media you choose. It will be to your advantage to advertise as much and in as many places possible.  However, if you LIST your home with a Realtor you ad will be removed from the website since the home will no longer be "For Sale By Owner" ... although you may SELL thru a Realtor.)

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