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(Contract Not Required)

LOW 1-time Fee Effective: May 1st

Lots, Land, & Homes under 4,000 sq/ft - $194

Homes 4,000+ sq/ft - $249

(Only 1 parcel per ad)


You may pay by check, cash, or credit card
(Credit card payment will be thru PayPal invoice emailed to your email address. You do not need to be a PayPal member. Add 3% for processing.)


Fee Includes:
1. Unlimited number of photos of your property on your website ad.
(We take the photos or you may furnish photos by email or disk. We think it best for us to do the photos. The price is the same either way. Note: If you take photos turn on Flash .... not Auto-Flash for indoor shots.)


2. A professional "For Sale By Owner" yard sign (optional)
 is on loan to you.

(Your phone number will be positioned at the top of the sign.
 We realize some community covenants do not encourage the use of yard signs.)

  Yard Sign

3. Information-brochure box mounted on the yard sign.
(We supply a starter set of full color flyers/brochures and give you the master copy for reprints when needed.)

  4. We want to maintain a "For Sale By Owner" concept. If you list your property with a Realtor then your property is no longer "For Sale By Owner".
(However, you may SELL thru a Realtor and still be considered "For Sale By Owner".)
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